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SOHO – South Tampa

NK Noodle Kitchen & Market
500 S Howard Ave – Suite F
Tampa, FL 33606

(813) 374-0558

We proudly opened our South Tampa location in March 2017.

We enjoy bringing you the great tastes, flavors and select options customers discovered they love at our St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market booth.

With No MSG or refined sugar, our express locations serve the best Noodle Bowls in Tampa with fresh vegetables

Shanghai Bok Choy Tips, Bean Sprouts, Kale, Cabbage, Garlic, Baby Bok Choy, Scallion, Cilantro, Red and Green Bell Pepper, Crispy Shallots, and Crushed Peanuts.

Our Noodle Bowls start with delicious noodle options

Rice Noodles, Brown Rice Noodles, Potato Noodles, Mung Bean Noodles, and Spinach+Celery Noodles

Add Your Favorite Protein Option

Grilled Beef Meat Ball, Grilled Lemongrass Chicken, Grilled Pork, Spiced Duck,and Mega Prawn

Add Bone-Broth

We also proudly serve the newly famed “miracle-cure” bone-broth.

Research and health experts continue to discover and tout bone-broth as the latest food that can substantially benefit many health related ailments. We make our own broth daily and encourage you to try it for yourself and discover the benefits it can give you in addition to being a delicious stock to add to your meal.


We look forward to serving you our award winner flavors with fresh vegetables and healthier meat and vegetarian options. We inspire ourselves and encourage our customers to “Eat Fresh Everyday” with our selection of healthy foods and sauces.

Visit Noodle Kitchen & Market in Tampa, Florida and savor the flavor of our noodles served in thick sauce. We also provide nutritious vegetable dishes that will surely delight your taste buds.

Our goal is to make every client feel satisfied after every meal. Rest assured that our staff is polite and accommodating at all times.


In addition to delicious noodle bowls and fine cuisine we offer an array of noodles, savory sauces, condiments and cooking ingredients to purchase in our NK – Noodle Kitchen and Market South Tampa location.

Top off your noodles and bring home the tastes and delicious flavors that we have created though years of culinary experience and customer satisfaction. We have numerous flavors to sample and experience on your noodles and to enhance your home cooking.

NK brand sauce flavors include:



SOHO – Tampa

We are in the heart of Tampa’s favorite shops and and eateries district  in the SoHo and nearby Hyde Park neighborhoods. Easy to find within the SoHo 500 Plaza along side Pita Pit, D.P. Dough, and SoHo Juice Co..  Across from The Shops on South Howard, home to Chipotle, Salon Hyde Park, SoFresh, and many others.

Noodle Kitchen & Market
500 South Howard Ave
Tampa, Florida 33606

(813) 374-0558



If you love noodles and fine Thai cuisine, and wish to have an event or special occasion catered, be sure to contact our catering division Thai Gourmet Market or call us at (407) 620-8835.


We also have a mobile booth that has been a local favorite at the

Saturday Morning Market in St. Petersburg, Florida, where visitors from around the world enjoy our fine noodle bowls and specialty sauces they can take home and share.
We look forward to serving you at all of our locations – enjoy!